Wine Farms and Birds of Prey refuge

Bird of prey.jpg

Frank took us on a tour of the local wine farms with a stop at the Birds of Prey refuge. Saw lots of raptors at close quarters (Cathy had an owl on her head and one on her hand at one stage). The staff were really passionate about caring for these birds.

We had a drive around the township of Stellenbosch which has a large student population attending the local university. This was a cute town and it would be a great place to stay for a while.

We visited 3 wine farms and tasted many fantastic wines. The staff were very friendly and gave us lots of details about each variety we were tasting. Had a tasty lunch at a berry farm.

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Robben Island and Table Mountain

Robben Island ex-inmate.jpg

Massive day today starting with a boat trip to Robben Island (where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned) and ending with a cable car ride to the top of Table Mountain.

The boat trip out to Robbin Island provided great views of the Capetown coastline with Table Mountain dominating the skyline. After a bus trip around the island, complete with informative commentary we were treated to a tour of the jail by an ex-inmate. It was quite a moving experience seeing Nelson Mandala’s tiny cell.

Our Capetown guide, Frank, then accompanied us in the cable car to the top of Table Mountain. He then showed us around to all the spectacular viewing spots. Breathtaking vistas everywhere we looked, Capetown and surrounds looked amazing from this vantage point.

Capetown waterfront

Cape Town 1-1.jpg

After an overnight stay in Johannesburg we arrived in Capetown this morning. With the rest of our group we went for a wander around the waterfront which was only a couple of minutes walk from our hotel. Lots of shops and restaurants and a great local vibe. Still a bit jet lagged but looking forward to starting our tour tomorrow.